Feel the relief as you sink into effortless meditation, free of the distractions of the mind, emotions, and physical ailments.

The gong, recognized as one of the most powerful healing tools, vibrates in a way that simulates the vibration of the human body. As the sound waves travel through the gongs, the genetic clock of the cell is reset and the resultant feelings reunite us with our natural state of peace, belonging, and clarity while reducing stress and inflammation in the body.

As our energy shifts into a higher space, the long-lasting effects of the gongs ripple out into other areas of our lives. By creating positive changes in the mind and body we can create positive changes in other areas of our lives leading to stabilized moods, increased communication, enthusiasm for life, reduced compulsive behavior, and lower stress levels.

Are you ready to meditate your way to a higher state of living?

What is a "Radiant" Gong Immersion?

There are times in our lives, even just moments, where we may have lost or forgotten the simple joy of being alive. The beauty of forgetting? We can begin again at any time. Through the practice of music, meditation, and shamanic clearing we can remind ourselves of our fundamental beauty and zest for life.

A sound/gong bath carries the conscious mind into the sea of the cosmos, silencing the active mind to enjoy a feeling of peace and total immersion in the present moment while creating a powerful space for manifestation. Realizing that disease occurs in disharmony, we use these instruments to "reset," the genetic clock and rejuvenate at a cellular level. By pairing this restorative practice with a radiant, blissful meditation practice, we can manipulate our very DNA to replicate itself in a space of pure faith and inner peace for reduced pain, stress, and disease.

We come back to reality with a new sense of perspective, almost like a rebirthing of the soul. This experience features a variety of handmade sacred instruments handmade German gongs, Tibetan bowls, harmonium, xylophone, monochord, flute, and the Human Voice woven together into a unique meditation experience that takes the mind on a psychoactive journey that silences the thoughts and releases emotion to allow the listener to succumb to the natural state of peace similar to floating in a cosmic ocean. We return to this time and place with a new sense of purpose and clarity that stabilizes emotions, enhances communication, and releases stress.

Radiant Gong Immersions uses a variety of ancient and modern healing instruments played concert-style, and woven with the majesty of the Human Voice. Her practice combines traditional gong sound healing treatments with radiant meditations based on The Radiance Sutras, a series of meditations based on the bliss and exuberance of existence to connect the meditator in a beautiful relationship with the cosmic consciousness of the universe.

Interested in Radiant Gong Immersions?

Gong immersions are appropriate for private sessions in small or large groups, events, celebrations, birthdays, weddings, funerals, rites of passage, shamanic clearing, energy healing, sound healing, and many other settings. Join our mailing list to hear about local upcoming events, or click to contact us now.